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Everyone sometimes they go and buy new things for them. Did anyone of you buy new things and throw the old things away while they still can use it? Well, I always did that long time ago. I just throw all old things away and buy me a new things that I really like it but it will never last a very long time. My mom saw how waste money I am so we have a talk. My mom told me that I couldn’t buy anything for 1 month. Everything I’m using now will last for 1 month, so I have to keep it clean and not break. After 1 month, I just realized how waste money I am: few months, I change 1 glasses, buy this buy that all the time. My mom taught me a wonderful lesson that I should never throw old things away, its really meaningful. It helps me a lot. If I just keep throwing old things away and keep buying new things, so where the money will come from now?  My mom always teach me the lessons that help me in the future. “Thank you, Mom!”


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Art, Writing, Variety


Hello best friends, teachers and visitors of course. Are there anyone good at art? Writing? Well, not me of course. In here I just did some sand that at first I think I will did something really cool, but not right now though. Writing? Comic book is my choice but after seeing that, please don’t laugh I think story is ridiculous, too cause I’m out of ideas. Unbelievable! Variety? Why don’t you try some diary in here its really cool. Here are some pictures:

This is the sand picture.

This is ridiculous. I’m out of ideas!


Check out the diaries:

Diaries . Make your own diaries, it would be FUN!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love you guys all! I kind of love grey right now, cause I’m a B2UTY (B2ST fan) are there and B2UTY just like me or just love k-pop?

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Vietnamese Food


Hello best friends, teachers, and visitors. For many days I didn’t upload any blogs so right now I’ll tell you about some food that I think it really good (for me). My parents hometown is Hội An, so we have some kind of food like these:


This is called Quang noodle:

Quang noodle soups differ than most normal noodle soups in that the soups have just enough broth to barely cover the noodles. Unlike other Vietnamese noodle soup bowls whose broth will cover the noodles almost completely, Quang noodle broth is barely enough to slurp during the meal. If you do not eat a Quang noodle bowl fast enough, the broth will generally quickly be soaked up by the noodles. Quang noodle soups are generally pork and dried shrimp broth based, although some regional and family recipes will use chicken and even duck. What makes Quang noodle soups unique is the richness of the broth, the lack of it and the crushed peanut toppings on the noodles.

 The mystery of Quang noodle is in that pot above. This is ‘nuoc sot mi quang’ or Quang noodle sauce. This makes the stock slightly sweet and a smidgen spicy. This dish’s ingredients include rice, vegetables and meat. After being soaked in water, the rice is ground to a fine powder and made into attractive smooth white noodles. Accompanying vegetables are water morning-glory, cress, young banana flowers and herbs. Especially, the famous Tra Que savory of Quang Nam Province will give the dish more flavour. You can use pork, chicken, fish, crab or shrimp to make the broth. If chicken is chosen, the meat is separated, seasoned and stir-fried while the bones are stewed. Finish the stock by adding cooked chicken meat.
 There are many Quang noodle restaurants in Quang Nam and Da Nang. Each area is famous for one certain recipe. For example, Thanh Chiem Village in Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province is known for shrimp noodle, while chicken noodle is at its best in Tuy Loan, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.
 A traditional version says: “I make for you, darling, green tea and Quang noodles to express my feelings”.
This is called Hoi An vermicelli:

Cao Lau is the foremost traditional Hoi An food. Visitors to Hoi An always remember Cao Lau, which was considered by Quang Nam people as a special symbol for Hoi An. Cao lau noodles are carefully made from local new sticky rice. Water used to soak rice must be taken from wells in the Ba Le Village; noodles thus will be soft, enduring and flavored with special sweet-smelling. On the Cao Lau noodles were some meat slices mixed with fat made from fried noodles served with vegetables and bean sprouts. Sharp-witted eaters would find out the specific flavor of the dish. Dry pancakes used as ingredient must be thick with much sesame on the surface. Greasy coconut quintessence and bitter green cabbage are also indispensable. The so-called genuine Cao lau Hoi An must satisfy all above requirements. It was said that only some wells in Hoi An were used to make Cao Lau noodles. What is more, only some Hoi An families were able to produce Cao Lau by their own traditional way, but the quality was not as good as it was before. Cao Lau did not have Vietnamese flavor. Despite its Chinese-like appearance, no Chinese accepted it as Chinese food. Until now, the origin of Cao Lau still remains in mystery. 


This is called Pho, anyone hear of Vietnam? Pho is always the first food they say:

Pho, a typical dish of Hanoi people, has been existing for a long time. Pho is prepered not only in a sophisticated manner but also in the technique which is required to have sweet but pure bouillon, soft but not crasded noodle, soft and sweet smelling meat. Only in cold days, having a hot and sweet smelling bowl of Pho to enjoy would make you experience the complete flavor of the special dish of Hanoi.

The bouillon.

Boil 10 cups water. Burn the whole fresh onions over high heat until golden brown. Add beef spareribs or ox tail into the boiling water. Skim while cooking to make a clear broth. Add browned onion and carrots after 1 hour of boiling. Cook another hour. Then remove meat and vegetable. Strain the bouillon, season it with spices, salt, fish sause as indicated and keep boiling to server very hot soup. Add boiled water, if necessary, to have 6-8 cups of bouillon. This broth is very spicy and a little salty.

Slice tender beef finely and cooked beef coarsely. Soak dry rice noodles in hot water 10 minutes before cooking. Coolk rice noodles sparately until done (about 10-15 minutes), drain in hot water to remove the starch.

Server at once into bowl.

Beef soup, rare: cooked rice noodles 1/3 bowl, raw beef minced on top. Pour over them one cup boiling bouillon. Add bib lettuce, green onion and onion rings.

Beef soup, done: cooked rice noodles, cooked beef, bib lettuce, onion rings, green onion in top. Pour over all ingredients 1 cup boiling bouillon.

Provide the guests with spoons and chopstichs to take the soup.


Thank you for all you guys reading, hope you guys all like these food and Vietnam just me. Vietnam had many food than all 3 of these but these 3 are the food that I like. Thank you! 😀

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Vacation in spring break


For many days, I’m back, hello! I’m here to say about my vacation when our school was in spring break.

I went to Quang Binh, a beautiful place with many caves that have stalactites. For some cave we can travel by boat by some we have to walk. I went to Quang Binh for 2 days, then I went to Hue by car and then I went to Ba Na by cable car, it was really cold when I was there. I saw some monkeys from the forest, they were really cute but they hate women so I couldn’t come close to them. And we went back to Da Nang by cable car again and went to my hometown is Hoi An. I went to Hoi An every year and I really love that place. I love the beauty of it when the night come, I love how everybody in this place is really nice, I love the way that many people from other country came to my hometown, I love everything from there! Then I went back to Ho Chi Minh city by plane (of course), and on my way to take my suitcase I saw my best friend Lily, she was going to Con Dao, we hugged each other then we said many things and she went away cause she need to go to the plane. I had an evening to rest then the next day I went to Phu Quoc, this place famous with dog and many things else. I went fishing and shopping in night market. It was fun! Phong Nha cave

Second weeks, I didn’t do anything much but on Thursday, I went shopping with my fake sister is Julie, we having fun with each other and we laugh a lot, she said my family cook the food delicious, so happy! Here is the shop that we bought clothes in shop F.O.S and also BLOOK, did anyone hear that name before? All this picture is from Julie twitter.

Thanks for reading my spring break, I hope you will share your spring break, too! 😀


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My Poster


Hi everyone, I’m back again with my new poster I made in my class. I know that you have seen many poster really pretty before but well this is my poster, I hope you guys all like it! Please don’t comment bad, ok? Love purple the best.


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The Trung Sister


In Vietnam women have always been in the forefront in resisting foreign domination. Two of the most popular heroines are the Trung sisters who led the first national uprising against the Chinese, who had conquered them, in the year 40 A.D. The Vietnamese had been suffering under the harsh rule of a Chinese governor called To Dinh. Some feel that if the sisters had not resisted the Chinese when they did, there would be no Vietnamese nation today.

The sisters were daughters of a powerful lord. Trung Trac was the elder; Trung Nhi, her constant companion, the younger. They lived in a time when Vietnamese women enjoyed freedoms forbidden them in later centuries. For example, women could inherit property through their mother’s line and become political leaders, judges, traders, and warriors.

Trung Trac was married to Thi Sach, another powerful lord. Chinese records note that Trac had a “brave and fearless disposition.” It was she who mobilized the Vietnamese lords to rebel against the Chinese. Legend says that to gain the confidence of the people, the Trung sisters committed acts of bravery, such as killing a fearful people-eating tiger – and used the tiger’s skin as paper to write a proclamation urging the people to follow them against the Chinese.

The Trungs gathered an army of 80,000 people to help drive the Chinese from their lands. From among those who came forward to fight the Chinese, the Trung sisters chose thirty-six women, including their mother. They trained them to be generals. Many names of leaders of the uprising recorded in temples dedicated to Trung Trac are women. These women led a people’s army of 80,000 which drove the Chinese out of Viet Nam in 40 A.D. The Trung sisters, of whom Nhi proved to be the better warrior, liberated six-five fortresses.

After their victory, the people proclaimed Trung Trac to be their ruler. They renamed her “Trung Vuong” or “She-king Trung.” She established her royal court in Me-linh, an ancient political center in the Hong River plain. As queen she abolished the hated tribute taxes which had been imposed by the Chinese. She also attempted to restore a simpler form of government more in line with traditional Vietnamese values.

For the next three years the Trung sisters engaged in constant battles with the Chinese government in Vietnam. Out armed, their troops were badly defeated in 43 A.D. Rather than accept defeat, popular lore says that both Trung sisters chose the traditional Vietnamese way of maintaining honor – they committed suicide. Some stories say they drowned themselves in a river; others claim they disappeared into the clouds.

Over time the Trungs became the stuff of legends and poems and a source of pride for women who lived more restricted lives. Today, stories, poems,plays, postage stamps, posters and monuments still glorify the heroism of the Trung sisters.

“All the male heroes bowed their heads in submission;
Only the two sisters proudly stood up to avenge the country.”

I write this because I’m proud to be a Vietamese.

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Here are some blogs that I like.


First blog is this one, I like it because it really nice, maybe you guys should check it out:

The second one is Emily, this blog is really simple and nice:

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Water Day


Hi guys, I’m back with a new topic is ‘Water day’.

You can go to this website to make you more understand about this:

World water day is really helpful, sometimes you waste water but you don’t there are many people out there with in a life with no water. The first water day was in 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro. In 2012, however, the topic in focus is water and food scarcity. The earth’s day; water day;… was useful with people that don’t wanna waste things. On those days, you cannot use water or other things (depend it’s the water day or earth day) maybe you just need to use it lest than usual.

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How to make a good comment?


Hi everyone, I’m back! Today we will talk about: ” How to make a good comment?”

When you talk about blog, some of you might think about comment right? But not everyone can be a commenter, you have to be a good comment first. Well, I hope some tips over here will help me and you guys to have a good comment:

– Writing your comment in a letter by including a greeting, content and a closing.( I hope you guys understand what I’m talking about)

– Always use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing.

Compliment the writer in a specific way, ask a question or add new information to the post.

– And specially don’t spam. Never spam please, if you want to be a commenter so please, don’t spam.

– Always read over the comment and edit before submitting.

– Well, this one is the most polite thing and I think that everyone should know about that. Don’t say bad things about other people blog, if you don’t like it you can still click back and nothing happen.

I don’t like people when they spam or say bad things about my blog, if someone does that to you, how do you feel? So I hope you guys be good and kind to my blog! Thank you for reading my post.🙂

Today I feel like rainbow


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Holidays in Vietnam


Hi again, let see how much I know about my country, I hope you like my country, too!

I want to talk about Happy New Year. In our country we call it Tet. The food in my country that people usually eat is Banh Chung, Banh Day. Maybe lot of the readers don’t understand or don’t know how to say this, how about just look at the pictures:

This is Banh Chung                                                                                                         This is Banh Day

The fruit for New Year is watermelon, I know that you know how watermelon look like right? So let change to flowers. There are 2 types of flowers. One is for the North and one is for the South. The flower of the North is pink, and for the South is yellow. I live in the South so I know more about that flower.Yellow flower have a name in Vietnamese, it called Mai, but how about we just call it yellow flower for easy. In our Tet holidays the kids always go to their grandparents house and get lucky money. Sometimes we watch firework, too. That’s all I know about my Tet holiday. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂






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